Are the bottle caps and closures a decomposable Product?

No, the caps are not decomposable and will remain in nature for centuries. Therefore, Non-Government Organization (NGO) are collecting and recycling it.

What is the difference between the short neck cap and the normal neck cap?

The dimensions and weight of short neck cap is smaller than the normal neck cap

Are the products of the drinking bottle caps manufactured with a health certificate?

Yes. At the beginning of its activities, Zarrin Mouj Rasaneh Company has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration of Qazvin province for obtaining health permits for HDPE, PP and PS..

Does the company have the ability to print logo and brand on the cap and closures?

Yes. Zarrin Mouj Rasaneh Company is able to print the customer’s brand name or logo (on/in products) due to having printing machines that are equipped with world-class technology.

What is the basis of the machinery of Zarrin Mouj Rasaneh Company?

Zarrin Mouj Rasaneh Company has been able to increase the amount of production capacity and minimize the down time in the production due to using modern injection machinery of Swiss and Germany Technology with the brands of BMB and NETSTAL

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