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Over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the international industrial systems, dedicated to providing the best economic solutions for our valued customers.

Trusted Honesty

Talent discovery in innovation and creativity

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Effective Teamwork

Following organizational strength and press is effective in group work

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Quality Assurance

Ensure the first and best quality product and service industry

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About Us and Our Teammate

Organization Values:

  • Honoring human dignity and paying attention to internal and external human capital, and also optimal utilization of the capital in line with the group’s goals and economic and cultural development of the country;
  • Special attention to the consumers’ need of the products of the group and creating a close link to improve the quality of services and products;
  • Creating a security and tranquility space for suppliers and investors, and providing required field and context to optimize the efficiency of utilizing financial resources;
  • Leading in the development of international industries and services to further the peace and tranquility of the peoples of Iran

our goals:

  • Increasing production capacity through improving productivity and improving systems and machinery
  • Improving the quality and completing the portfolio of polymer products and flexible innovation to the needs of the market to increase profitability
  • Implementation of development projects in order to complete a polymer product portfolio

our services

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To provide optimal services in accordance with World Day Standards, “Zarrin Mouj Rasaneh” Factory (Crystal Case*) was opened in 2007 in an area of 11,000 square meters using the most up to date equipped machines.

The key to organizational success is prospect, creativity and quality


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ZarrinMouj Rasaneh Company,

MEdisk Project, 17th km Old Road Takestan-Abhar, Takestan, Qazvin

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